Our Story

Lumin Therapy provides integrative health and education for the mind, body, and spirit to those who are suffering or struggling to step into and live their heartfelt mission and purpose. Through the practice of physical therapy, medical therapeutic yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and resiliency mentoring, Dr. Meghan Nelson, DPT, and Dr. Ryan Allen, PhD, bring their over forty-plus combined years of knowledge and experience serving others to learn and heal and live without boundaries.

Whole Person Learning & Healing

Lumin Therapy operates from the core principle that we are all made in the image of God. We are perfect creations, able to use our bodies, minds, and spirits to educate and heal our minds, body, and spirits. It’s all within. Lumin’s mission is to serve those we journey with in their rediscovery of that sacred wisdom.

Therapeutically, Lumin Therapy uses a biopsychosocial approach, which focuses on the whole person, not necessarily a particular symptom. We engage the mind, the body, and the spirit to bring about whole person healing. This means helping individuals adapt their habits of mind to overcome their fears, weaknesses, and limitations. It means building strength and stability to improve self-esteem and core power. It’s about building resiliency—physically, mentally, emotionally. Lumin’s biopsychosocial approach to our therapeutic interventions work especially well with individuals who suffer with—

  • Neurological disorders or significant stress, depression or anxiety;
  • Chronic pain or orthopedic impairments;
  • Multitudes of other co-morbidities, such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, high blood
    pressure and more.

Lumin Therapy lives out its mission by partnering with Siouxland non-profit agencies, corporations, area schools, athletic teams, nursing homes, and yoga studios, as well as working one-on-one privately in homes. Lumin Therapy practices with individuals of all ages and abilities, from pediatric to geriatric, the beginner to the pro, the underrepresented, the underserved, individuals who are wheelchair-bound, reserve and active duty Military and Veterans, kids and adults with Down syndrome, Autism, Sensory processing disorders, ADD/ADHD, Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), PTS(D) and other special heroes with unique talents and abilities.

Meet the Tribe

Photo of Ryan Allen

Ryan Allen

PhD, CTP-E, ERYT-200, RCYT-95

Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery & Trauma-Informed Care, Gentle & Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Reiki

Dr. Ryan Allen is an associate professor of English and Writing and the chair of the Department of Modern Languages at Briar Cliff University. His work has appeared South Dakota Review, The Louisville Review, Under the Sun, among others, and he is the nonfiction and Siouxland editor for The Briar Cliff Review. Dr. Allen has over twenty years of experience working with young people in a multitude of different settings as a camp counselor, environmental educator, team-builder, judo instructor, paraprofessional, yoga teacher, and college professor. He’s also the father of two boys and a girl.


As a teacher, I see my purpose is to help my students experience the radiance of their own inner light. As a student, my family is my yoga. My wife and children are my reminders to breathe and to live in this present moment.

The classes I teach reflect the needs of our community. When working with special populations, I watch and I listen to their needs. Most often, this translates to classes with lots of props and modifications to make the practice accessible and adaptable to those who may be experiencing the symptoms of injury, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. With kids, this mentality means we play lots of games, go on adventures, and learn to be mindful of our own innate superpowers.

My yoga classes are not even my yoga classes. They belong to the students. Therefore, I want my students to take away what they need from the experiences we share together, whether that’s a sweaty workout or some very gentle, meditative release and restoration.

My attention, I hope, is focused on my intention—to bring the experience and benefits of a regular yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice to those whose life calls for responding more than reacting and to those struggling and suffering outwardly or inwardly. My desire is to live this heartfelt mission in every moment—with my family, with my community, and with myself.

Ryan Allen, PhD, CTP-E, ERYT-200, RCYT-95

Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery & Trauma-Informed Care, Gentle & Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Reiki

Photo of Meghan Nelson

Meghan Nelson

DPT, ERYT-200, PYT-Level 1

Physical Therapy, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Gentle and Chair Yoga

Dr. Meghan Nelson has been practicing physical therapy for over a decade in a variety of settings including home health, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient clinics. Dr. Nelson is a certified Professional Yoga Therapist who offers Medical Therapeutic Yoga (MTY), an integrative healthcare approach to reduce pain and improve strength, mobility, and function. Key components include learning and practicing breath techniques to train the nervous system to be calm and focused, and developing postural awareness aimed at creating stability to facilitate mobility.

In addition to MTY, Dr. Nelson offers a variety of other specialties in physical therapy. She’s a certified lymphedema therapist, she holds a certification in LSVT®BIG treatment for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease, and a specialization in vestibular therapy to treat individuals with vertigo and/or dizziness. Dr. Nelson is also a practicing yogi and yoga and mindfulness teacher. In addition to her RYT-200, she has completed a 45-hour training “Yoga for the Special Child” as well as certification in gentle and chair yoga.


Yoga is truly for EVERYbody. If you have a body and can breathe, you can do yoga. At the core of my teaching philosophy is to be sure that I make yoga accessible for all bodies, no matter their size, shape, experience or ability. Through the practice of yoga and exploring this sacred union of connecting the mind, body and spirit, we are able to discover our authentic self and illuminate our inner beauty and divine light.

The primary goal of each of my classes is to bring awareness to the breath. As we improve the quality and the depth of each breath we improve the quality and depth of our existence. As a result, our breathwork will help to unite our body and mind and create a calming effect over the nervous system. This develops resilience with regulating emotions and pain and simply managing the daily stresses of everyday life.

As we stay connected with the breath throughout practice we embrace the therapeutic effects of mindful movement over the body, mind and soul. Through poses and physical practice there is a focus on stability over mobility to improve postural and core awareness. With improved stability throughout the trunk we see optimal performance and efficiency from large muscles of extremities, as well as throughout the energetic flow of the subtle body. As a physical therapist and a professional yoga therapist, I hope to give individuals practical tools to work with their own unique musculoskeletal structure while educating them about their energetic body and how the two intersect.

What I remind myself often and my students as well is that 90% of yoga is actually practiced off the mat. The 8 limbs are all about lifestyle changes to live a fuller existence with bringing completeness of the whole being and a connectivity to the divine. Yoga can be found in each moment of the day with the practice of mindfulness. Our practice on the mat helps us to develop the focus and discipline needed in the work place, strength and courage when facing our fears. We practice ‘in here’ to live and love more fully ‘out there’.

Meghan Nelson, DPT, ERYT-200, PYT-Level 1

Physical Therapy, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Gentle and Chair Yoga