Our Story 

Our family’s journey into lumination began in October of 2014 when our daughter, Sawyer, was born with an extra 21st chromosome. Some refer to this as Down syndrome; physicians call it Trisomy 21; we know this extra chromosome is nothing but love, compassion, empathy, and a realization we are not alone.

Lumin Therapy was created because we quickly learned that if the yoga experience is good for our daughter who has Down syndrome, then maybe it would be good for other special populations as well.

Almost immediately, we began working with other individuals with special needs and their families, including wonderful yogis with Cerebral palsy, Sensory processing issues, ADD/ADHD, and Autism.

We couldn’t stop there, though, so we expanded our work to veterans and others dealing with trauma and more broadly to all young people. The benefits of yoga are something ALL bodies, minds, and spirits need to experience, so Lumin Therapy is working to do its small piece to make the world a more gentle, loving, and kind place.

Our goal is to help the world experience that a person is much more special than their needs.

Yoga is for EVERYbody.

What makes us different is what makes us unique.