She says yoga is for everyone. But, even she may not have realized the powerful impact of this practice until she saw it made accessible to people often bound by the limits of their disability.

13-year-old Megan Focht may not be able to express her feelings quite like you or me, but you can tell when she’s happy. And, yoga, makes her smile.

“This allows her to get those feet up over her elevated and up over her heart.”

Once a week the family living room is transformed into a yoga studio. The moves: tailored to her. Freeing muscles made tense by cerebral palsy.

Meghan Nelson, Certified Yoga Instructor, says, “Not being ambulatory and staying primarily in a wheelchair, that blood tends to just pool in the legs.”

Once a week, Meghan Nelson, a certified yoga instructor and physical therapist, guides Megan through the poses. The moves are a family affair, with sister, Ella, an ally in exercise.

Mom, Amy, knows the benefits and sees the impact.

Amy Focht, Megan’s Mom says, “She actually loves it. It’s helped with her legs so they’re not as tight; it losens that up. Meghan does do stretches with her, and also it does reduce the pain she’s having with her hamstrings being so tight.”

And, between these two Megans, there’s a special bond. 

Meghan says, “I see her on the mat and she just shines; she does some amazing things.”

Sharing a powerful energy that runs through them both: in movement and relaxation.

Meghan says, “As you can see, yoga is for everybody. And, it doesn’t matter your physical limitations. I think everyone can enjoy the benefits of it.”

Meghan became interested in yoga for special abilities because of her own daughter, who has Down Syndrome.

She teaches classes at Evolve Yoga; one’s underway right now.

Visit Evolve Yoga online to learn more about Meghan’s Yoga for Special Abilities classes.

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